About the Game:
Created as a passion project, the Game Boy Camera Gallery is a small virtual gallery space filled with photos taken on well...the Game Boy camera! Featuring photos from a dozen photographers, the gallery recontextualizes the Game Boy camera from a quirky peripheral to a unique art medium in its own right. 

The Game Boy Camera Gallery will let folks view a whole collection of Game Boy camera photos in their intended format on actual game boys with carts of the game being available when the game is finished. 

About the Camera:
Nintendo released the Game Boy camera in 1998 in Japan, the US and the EU, allowing Game Boy owners to take photos right on their devices. At the time it was actually the world's smallest digital camera. It features a ball head atop of the cartridge that can swivel 180 degrees, making it also probably the first selfie camera, too. Photos were originally only sharable on other Game Boys via a link cable or printed out using the Game Boy printer, but using a modern cartridge flasher or other 3rd party hardware you can transfer the photos from the cartridge onto your computer.

The photos themselves were limited to 128x112px rendered in a 4-value palette. Despite those limits, there were powerful features included on the cartridge like the ability to create pseudo double exposures by merging multiple photos using the 'fusion' effect, a paint tool, a time-lapse and panorama function, and it even included the ability to create animations. Oh and there is an odd music creating program. 

Today the GBC has a cult following by retro enthusiasts and photographers alike, with folks drawn to its simplicity, unique pixelated aesthetic and the desire to preserve this hardware and push it to its limits.  

Game created in GB Studio 3.0, assets created in Aseprite

To be added/fixed
- Fix pigeon movement resetting bug
- Add additional rooms
- Add art to blank rooms
- Add more dynamic dialogue
- Optimize palettes
- Add sound effects & music

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Published 3 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorScratching Post Studio
Tags8-Bit, artgame, gallery, Game Boy, gameboy-camera, Game Boy ROM, museum, Pixel Art


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